Our Experts

CEO and founder


Pushes the group towards our goals, keeping on eye on everthing to make our vision possible.

Tech-Leader and founder


Lights up the way towards innovative solutions, conjugating experience and willingness to experiment



Maximum energy efficiency

We know electric is good and that small is better! To save the environment just one electric car is not enough. Compared to your standard car, our quadricycles are smaller and lighter: we use engines placed inside the wheels, with no mechanical transmission need. This leads to less energy requirement for each kilometers you will spend driving. We studied hard the mobility statistics in the European Union and designed our powertrain to perfectly match your everyday commutation needs.


Driving pleasure

Implemented components coming directly from a superior category: none of ours competitors use tires as big as ours, which means maximum stability on the road, making an everyday ride a brand new adventure! Our designed and scratch-made components will provide you a long-lasting experience with very few maintenance. Feel the difference, contact us and request a test drive (available soon).


Superior safety

Investigating new recent safety standards, implementing them in the car features will make your journey bulletproof, carrying you home, even after a long ride. We are working hard to meet superior class EuroNCAP standards, developing an App for your iOS / Android device that allows you to interact with your new vehicle, providing you, wherever you are, usage statistic and functional parameters.


Made in Italy, w European components

We value what we do and who we are: our products are completely designed and engineered in Italy and we aim to implement components that are made in the EU, including battery cells and other electronic components