Our three editions

LMinerva Launch

Minerva Launch

from € 20.000,00
  • Be the first, join our vision!
  • Excusive "Italian Pride" livery
  • Access to a the reserved "making-off" area
  • All features in "Basic"
BMinerva Basic

Minerva Basic

from € 16.000,00
  • Nothing less than your needs
  • Electric traction: silent and vibration free 
  • Maximum efficiency and performance: 4 driving wheels with integrated motors
  • Increased stability: low center of gravity
  • All-condition comfort: double wishbone suspension
  • Customized premium color-LCD
AMinerva Advanced

Minerva Advanced

from € 22.000,00
  • Full optional: premium materials
  • Fully customizable: design yours now!
  • All features in "basic"
  • OPV Tracker: built-in smart control unit for total integration with your smartphone